Robust Back Office Automation

financial back office

A global financial company wanted to use Pega’s Customer Process Management framework to develop a platform that automated back office business processes for US and Canadian service organizations.

Development of Advanced Lead Management System

insurance lead management

Development of Advanced Lead Management System Rulesware helped a US-based insurance company develop an advanced lead management solution for agents and their support staff. The Problem We were tasked with developing an advanced lead management solution capable of the creation of leads; the viewing, updating, and resolution of leads; and the monitoring of agency and […]

Automobile Claims Analysis and Reporting


Automobile Claims Analysis and Reporting A North American automobile client needed an application that would improve their manual service repair process as well as claims analysis and transparency between the manufacturer, customers and dealers. The Problem Rulesware set out to deliver a repair and claims application that used a Pega-based rules engine to correctly identify […]

Health Insurance and Pega Re-Architecture

call center

Health Insurance and Pega Re-Architecture After investing in Pega and two years of work, a US-based health insurer enlisted Rulesware to upgrade and re-architect their call center solution. The Problem This health insurance client needed an upgrade and re-architecturing to address some existing Pega functionality concerns, improve time-consuming processes and support some upcoming nationwide health […]

Pharmacy Claims Processing


Pharmacy Claims Processing A pharmacy client whose primary business was processing claims for health insurers, employers, individuals and seniors on Medicaid needed a more efficient intake process. Rulesware was tasked with automating an entirely manual intake process. The Problem The client had several manual intake processes that would dump the corresponding requests into an enterprise […]

Non-Profit Care Management Services

not for profit data agile

Non-Profit Care Management Services A non-profit organization providing professional care services and financial assistance to patients, with serious health conditions, needed a new way to handle manual processes. The Problem A non-profit care services organization, who was using manual data entry and processes to provide care management services, provide financial assistance and track charitable contributions, […]

Diagnostic Testing Services

diagnostics lab

Diagnostic Testing Services A diagnostic testing provider needed a universal method of collecting, storing and distributing data. Ruleswares was asked to work with this existing Pega customer to leverage and consolidate their distributed data and existing inefficient processes. The Problem Scientists and lab professionals were generating data that was entered and dissimenated across a range […]

Not-For-Profit Health Insurance Company

health insurance

Not-For-Profit Health Insurance Company When our client came to Rulesware, they needed to transform their expensive, unscalable, error-intensive manual processes with digital automation. This client specialized in underinsured, mostly Medicaid participants, and needed to strengthen their relationships with their Provider network(s). The Problem The client’s legacy tools were opaque and difficult to modify, had slow […]

Automate Healthcare Business Processes

healthcare business

Automate Healthcare Business Processes A healthcare insurance client was overly dependent on manual processes and lacked a single data source for their product catalog, which was preventing them from optimizing their business processes or expanding their sells beyond the existing products. The Problem The client needed to improve their Product Lifecycle Management and enable the […]

Streamline Vehicle Warranty Repairs

auto repair

The automotive service and repair process is usually a time and labor intensive event that can be prone to manual errors and lack of transparency.