Smooth Transition to Business Policy Quotation

Rulesware designed and constructed a commercial insurance application involving tree structure navigation and Pega PRPC.

The Problem

There was a clear need to streamline service interactions from the time a customer brought their vehicle in for servicing the first time on to and throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. The best way forward was to implement intelligent and agile automation. This way, dealers could quickly identify eligible claim warranty scenarios and recommend appropriate next actions based on claims history.

The Solution

Leveraging the Pega Warranty Application (?), the Rulesware team developed and implemented a solution that evaluates incoming repair orders, provides interactive options for service representatives across multiple departments, provides guidance to service personnel in real-time and quickly informs customers and the dealership about the repair expenses. Rulesware streamlined the service interactions by implementing an intelligent agile automation system. The system reviews each claim, applies warranty eligibility criteria, and recommends appropriate next steps based on the claim history.

The Result

This manufacturer and its dealerships now have the service, warranty and repair tools to:

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