Diagnostic Testing Services

A diagnostic testing provider needed a universal method of collecting, storing and distributing data. Ruleswares was asked to work with this existing Pega customer to leverage and consolidate their distributed data and existing inefficient processes.

The Problem

Scientists and lab professionals were generating data that was entered and dissimenated across a range of applications, making it difficult to analyze or compare information, which ultimately created ambiguity around the entire data set. Without centralized data management, the previous solution created impediments to an otherwise straight forward process.


The Solution

Since the client was already using the Pega, Rulesware leveraged the existing system, streamlined data management, and made rules and process improvements to a new Pega Platform.

The Result

Within 15 weeks, Rulesware and the client team, implemented a solution with centralized data entry capabilities, data storage and universal reporting. Both data and process accuracy were greatly improved and the solution was made scalable for future improvements and process modifications.


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