At Rulesware, we help our clients reach their dreams of a digital tomorrow, today. We deliver technology solutions to our clients that balance innovation with practicality so that they can get value and results quickly, with the comfort of knowing that they are prepared for what the future can bring.  

Come and explore your digital journey with Rulesware – where we are committed to guiding you towards the decisions that pave the way for your digital future, starting today.

"We aren't your typical choice for a technology partner. Organizations choose us because of our integrity and we can build and deliver what others can't.
It really is that simple."
Anthony Lee
Founder & CEO

Education & Skills

We continually invest in learning and Pega certifications. We are a dedicated Pega Partner, with Gold Partner status.

Hand Off

We are dedicated to your self-sufficiency. As we move together through the digital transformation journey we start as project leaders while building your capabilities. Along the way we help your team grow from an observational role to a co-delivery role and finally to the role of fully autonomous leader and owner of your implementation.


Our CEO was a high level architect at Pega for many years who saw and appreciated the magic of Pega. Sixteen years ago, he started his own company delivering Pega implementations the way he believed they should be delivered. His drive and passion for Pega excellence permeates the team. We believe in stripping away the complexity and confusion of BPM, unlike others who simply pump more hours and consultants into a project.


Our people are our secret weapon. We focus on hiring creative problem solvers who get to the heart of problems quickly. Using agile software development and scrum methodologies, our skilled and creative team is able to provide customers with rapid implementation that succeeds quickly. Our process is much more effective and nimble than the longer heavier processes used by some other providers.


Real-time collaboration with nearshore delivery teams means high quality at competitive prices. Our El Salvador and Mexico offices are located in the Central time zone, and are home to more than 100 certified, English-speaking, Pega architects. Unlike other agencies, we do not hire and fire our people based on project needs, we keep a thriving full time work force year-round, and continually invest in training and workplace culture.

Honest & Trustworthy

We won’t sugar-coat what needs to be done or said. Our clients are always right which is why we want the best design and solution that can support their needs. With Rulesware, you know you are getting honest advice about your innovative solutions, based on our knowledge and experience.


Most SI’s will give you an estimate for a low price and then continue to call out change orders until the work is complete. At Rulesware, our estimates, our plan and our effort to stick to them is what makes us stand out. We have the rigor and discipline to make proper estimates, plan the work appropriately and hold everyone accountable to meet the goals of the work.

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We Know


Inside Out

If you are looking to transform your business with a successful Pega project, we’re the ones to call. We treat every client as our partner, we’re honest and we get things done right the first time.

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