Robust Back Office Automation

A global financial company wanted to use Pega’s Customer Process Management framework to develop a platform that automated back office business processes for US and Canadian service organizations.

The Problem

We worked to develop a solution platform to automate various back office business processes for US and Canadian servicing organizations. Expected benefits from the solution included improved customer service, improved process efficiency, enhanced management and control of back office operations, and flexible allocation of work to different onshore/offshore vendors.

The Solution

The two plus year project was divided into multiple phases based on business process. Each phase involved a plan and defined component with a milestone check and review before proceeding with design/construction/test/deployment.

The Result

The data, conceptual and process architecture identified many gaps in the current system and provided a roadmap to a robust solution that met the business and technical requirements of the customer. Messaging and legacy system integration were tested and proven, and architecture for the authentication and security mechanisms was created.

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