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Insurers need a partner who understands their business intricacies and market differentiations.  We have deep experience in the insurance industry–we know your challenges and we’ve thought through and implemented solutions that work. Let us show you how we can streamline your processes and enhance your customers’ journeys. 

Revolutionizing Insurance Innovation: Empower Your Business with Rulesware

Property and Casualty

Managing your company to be risk adverse and capitalize on your investments versus managing to be risk avoidant takes confidence. Confidence in your data, your systems, your people and your processes. Seamless flow of data through your quoting, underwriting and claims systems is imperative. Rulesware can help you build your revenue and stay on the cutting edge without lowering your risk posture. Together we can help build your confidence by delivering solutions with Automated and AI driven decisions.

Life and Annuities

In today’s economy, Life and annuities are being viewed more like a luxury item. The life segment in the insurance industry is suffering to say the least: renewals are lagging and there’s a need to manage the cash out of life policies written for the Baby Boomers. Whether you are trying to drive more revenue with new business offerings or to get the most out of your current operations, it's good to have an experienced and trusted partner at your side.


Many Property and Casualty companies struggle to bring in renewals. We help you design and automate customer-centric processes and tailor your renewal processes to meet policyholders' individual requirements. We can also give you insight into customer behavior, risk profiles and market trends through integrated data analytics and predictive modeling.


Are you leaking? Limiting claims leakage and managing your claims effectively are two of the best ways to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Let us help with automation, efficiency, transparency, and compliance while also enhancing fraud detection and customer satisfaction.

Information and Automation in Enterprise

Information and data is a key driver of revenue at most leading insurance companies. Leveraging data to manage risk and inform underwriting decisions while utilizing AI and other technology to optimize the process is a key differentiator. Rulesware can help you combine technology and data to exponentially streamline and automate much of your underwriting and customer quote to bind processes.

Insurance Solutions


The underwriting process can be fast or slow depending on the availability and accuracy of information. For personal auto and home, many carriers have a process automated online for those wanting a quote, while in commercial and workers compensation, it may take time based upon the data needed to determine coverage availability and cost.


One of the biggest challenges for insurance carriers is the ability to transform, integrate and consolidate data from various sources to gain a complete view of claims. Many carriers have consolidated, merged and upgraded their claims system, but many have not been upgraded in many years and lack the efficiencies and employee/customer experience expected by today’s workforce.

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