Medicaid Enrollment Automation Streamlines The Member Journey

Medicaid Enrollment Automation Streamlines The Member Journey Efficient, customer-centric enrollment for Medicaid has been an ongoing challenge for insurers across the country. Those challenges peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s subsequent response to ensure healthcare was available for those impacted by job loss. In 2020, millions of people lost their insurance coverage and […]

Why is Rulesware so engaging? Putting the Humane in Human Resources

By Daryl G. Whenever I see companies struggling with their turnover rates, and overall employee dissatisfaction, I notice that more often than not, companies assign the blame to their employees, not realizing that the company itself is undoubtedly to blame. In 2017 the turnover rate for the USA was 6% for voluntary separations, according to […]

Remaining Current: A Multilayered Effort

Around here, we take education and expertise seriously, and when it comes to our Pega skills, we’re all in. As a dedicated Pega Partner, it’s our responsibility to make sure we meet the requirements of the Pega Partner Program, and this is something we’re always working at. The practices at Rulesware continue to make steady […]

Lending Automation Thought Leadership

August 2021 Use These 4 Success Factors When Planning for Your Lending Transformation Transforming your lending business sounds like an aspirational goal. Who doesn’t want to enable faster credit decisions, a radically improved customer experience, significant cost reductions, and enhanced auditability? Let’s get started! Not so fast. The reality is, transforming your lending business is exceptionally […]

Scrum Basics – The Servant Leader & The Storyteller

By: Marvin T. Rulesware Team Member In the software development world, the Agile methodology, which is a way to manage a project by breaking it up into several phases, is an effective process geared at delivering solutions. It’s great at encouraging flexible responses to change. However, working under the Agile umbrella and using Scrum (a […]

Rulesware Celebrates Executive Award Winner

Drumroll please, we have a winner. Last year, Rulesware ran an awards program to recognize excellence on our team. The most prestigious of the awards in the program is the Executive Award. The winner—as chosen by their peers—embodies all of Rulesware’s core values, exceeds expectations, always strives for improvement, excels in their interpersonal relationships and […]

Rulesware at PegaWorld iNspire 2021


We’re big on lifelong learning around here, so it’s no surprise that the entire Rulesware team was encouraged to participate in Pegaworld earlier this month. PegaWorld iNspire 2021, Pega’s annual flagship event, was full of thought-provoking speakers, inspiring keynotes, and exciting insights on existing and emerging technology. Our entire team was delighted to experience this […]

Women in Tech Webinar: Inspiring Women

We’re incredibly proud of the truly inspiring women who help lead our company and support our culture and values. In March we hosted a webinar highlighting the careers and experiences of five particular women at Rulesware who are thriving in, and helping to lead, the tech industry. In this 45-minute webinar we had a chance […]

Celebrating the Women of Rulesware

This month, in honor of International Women’s Day, we posted a series of images to our social channels celebrating the incredible women on our team. In what has typically been a male dominated technology industry, we are filled with pride to see amazing women taking seats at the table at Rulesware and other tech companies. […]

Relieving Pain in the Loan Process: LoanExpediter

Loan Automation Software

JANUARY 27, 2021 Relieving Pain in the Loan Process: LoanExpediter As a digital business transformation consultancy, we’ve worked with countless clients suffering what might be called “the pain of process,“ or the lack thereof. An inconsistent process is not a process at all. It’s inviting chaos into the organization. Add on manual steps to a […]