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From initial consultation through implementation and ongoing support, our comprehensive offerings are tailored to optimize your business operations. 

With a commitment to innovation, scalability, and user-centric design, we deliver solutions that drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and ignite growth for your organization. Whether you’re looking to streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, or explore new revenue streams, our dedicated team is prepared to collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring your success in the digital era. 



Our modernization services helps you update and upgrade your existing technological infrastructure, systems, and processes to leverage the latest advancements to improve your efficiency, agility and competitiveness. 


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Do you feel like your software vendor is providing: updates, patches, and new capabilities and you just can’t seem to apply them, let alone try and use the new features that are contained within them? That’s where Rulesware can help.  Our modernization teams will help get your solutions modernized, using the right infrastructure, in the right location, and using the new features to generate value for you.  At Rulesware, modernization is our middle name – and we make it easy to spell.  

Rulesware helps you elevate your infrastructure Services with modernization, unlocking enhanced performance, cost efficiencies, scalability, security, compatibility, agility, and innovation. Our modernization solutions ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, future-proofing your infrastructure for sustained success in the ever-evolving technological landscape. Join us in embracing modernization initiatives to stay ahead and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. 


Pega Application Modernization

Most Pega customers are well into their journey of modernizing their Pega applications. Pega has introduced numerous changes and new functionalities in recent versions, particularly in the core processing engine, development platform, and design system. Updating your applications to leverage these new features can be daunting. 

With Rulesware, it doesn’t have to be. Our certified Pega specialists understand the latest platform enhancements and know how to apply them to maximize value while minimizing disruption to your operations. 


Infrastructure Modernization

These days, technology is moving faster than the speed of business.  The speed of lower-level development of faster, better architected components means constant reevaluation of your infrastructure and whether it is worth in-sourcing or outsourcing.   

For Pega installations, running older versions on premise against older architectures can cause you unforeseen performance problems and promote a sense of not getting the value promised. 

With Rulesware, we can help you design or redesign your infrastructure to use the modern architectures as well as provide guidance on whether to conduct business operations on premise or in the cloud, or even hybrid. 


Pega Cloud Migration

Embark on a revolutionary journey in Infrastructure Services with Rulesware’s cloud migration solutions. Discover unimaginable scalability, cost-effectiveness, agility, security, resilience, global accessibility, and seamless management.

Whether transitioning from on-premises to the cloud or migrating between cloud environments, unlock the full potential of your solutions with our expertise. Propel innovation and soar above the competition in today’s dynamic digital landscape with Rulesware by your side. 


Upgrade Services

Stay ahead of the curve with platform updates tailored to your organization’s success. Experience enhanced performance, fortified security, seamless compatibility with cutting-edge technologies, bug-free operations, and future-proof infrastructure. With Rulesware, unlock optimized performance and ensure your infrastructure evolves in stride with technological advancements, guaranteeing smooth operations and efficient resource utilization. 

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