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“Rulesware is the premier Pega Services provider. If you care about getting value early and getting it done right the first time - then the choice is simple.”

Business Line VP at US Leading Bank.

Advisory Services

Applying technology to your business isn’t as easy as it might seem. Finding the problem, solving the problem, finding the right technology and finding a partner to implement the right technology is a daunting task. We take the guesswork out of your journey and help you implement and get value from your solution.

Build Services​

Low-code technologies and AI are shortening the time required to build digital solutions. Rulesware’s nearshore DevOps and CI/CD methods, along with proven optimization techniques, will take your IT team to the next level.

Delivery Services

According to industry experts, over 60% of transformation projects and 30% of IT projects fail. With Rulesware, your project will succeed. How can we be so confident of that? Because we achieve successful transformation again and again. We are fiercely proud of our unrivaled success rates.

Run Services

Rulesware provides simple and cost-effective alternatives to managing your applications in house. With our advisory and run services, clients are able to shift their applications off-premise and to the cloud, modernize them and put them into Rulesware’s capable hands for maintenance and updates.

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