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We are a curious, talkative bunch, so our blog is a great way to read what’s top of mind at Rulesware right now.


Remaining Current: A Multilayered Effort

Around here, we take education and expertise seriously, and when it comes to our Pega skills, we’re all in. As a dedicated Pega Partner, it’s our responsibility to make sure we meet the requirements of the Pega Partner Program, and this is something we’re always working at. The practices at Rulesware continue to make steady […]


Scrum Basics – The Servant Leader & The Storyteller

By: Marvin T. Rulesware Team Member In the software development world, the Agile methodology, which is a way to manage a project by breaking it up into several phases, is an effective process geared at delivering solutions. It’s great at encouraging flexible responses to change. However, working under the Agile umbrella and using Scrum (a […]

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Rulesware Celebrates Executive Award Winner

Drumroll please, we have a winner. Last year, Rulesware ran an awards program to recognize excellence on our team. The most prestigious of the awards in the program is the Executive Award. The winner—as chosen by their peers—embodies all of Rulesware’s core values, exceeds expectations, always strives for improvement, excels in their interpersonal relationships and […]

Rulesware at PegaWorld iNspire 2021

We’re big on lifelong learning around here, so it’s no surprise that the entire Rulesware team was encouraged to participate in Pegaworld earlier this month. PegaWorld iNspire 2021, Pega’s annual flagship event, was full of thought-provoking speakers, inspiring keynotes, and exciting insights on existing and emerging technology. Our entire team was delighted to experience this […]

Women in Tech Webinar: Inspiring Women

We’re incredibly proud of the truly inspiring women who help lead our company and support our culture and values. In March we hosted a webinar highlighting the careers and experiences of five particular women at Rulesware who are thriving in, and helping to lead, the tech industry. In this 45-minute webinar we had a chance […]

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Celebrating the Women of Rulesware

This month, in honor of International Women’s Day, we posted a series of images to our social channels celebrating the incredible women on our team. In what has typically been a male dominated technology industry, we are filled with pride to see amazing women taking seats at the table at Rulesware and other tech companies. […]

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Relieving Pain in the Loan Process: LoanExpediter

As a digital business transformation consultancy, we’ve worked with countless clients suffering what might be called ‘the pain of process,’ or the lack thereof.  An inconsistent process is not a process at all. It’s inviting chaos into the organization. Add on manual steps to a poor process and you get a recipe for a poor […]


A Day In The Life: Carlos, Rulesware Project Manager

Our Day In The Life Series spotlights a typical day for various Rulesware team members Carlos Pomar has been working in his role as a Project Manager at Rulesware since September of 2019. Before coming on board, he worked at Hewlett Packard and IBM, both in Project Management roles. We chatted with Carlos about how he chose […]


All-New Pega Academy Further Boosts Our Expertise

You’ve probably heard the expression, “fake it til you make it”, right? At a recent company Town Hall, Rulesware CEO Anthony Lee said he’s not a fan of that mentality. “We don’t want our people faking anything. We’re proud to be highly trained knowledgeable experts when it comes to Pega. We do one thing–Pega–and we […]

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A Day in the Life: Joaquin, Rulesware Engineer

Our Day In The Life Series spotlights a typical day for various Rulesware team members Born and raised in Guadalajara, Joaquin has been working as an engineer at Rulesware’s Mexico office for yearly two years. Today he leads a small project team at the company. Joaquin found his position with Rulesware the old-fashioned way: by […]


6 Podcasts Every Agile Thinker Should Hear

There’s a podcast (or ten) for every niche topic and industry these days, but sometimes finding the right ones and sorting through to find the best can be overwhelming—to say the least. Thankfully, we have senior consultant Rob Jago to share his podcast recommendations for the agile thinker. The below podcasts are all currently active […]

A Consultant’s Guide to Working from Home

By Rob Jago As a senior consultant with Rulesware, my job is to work with team members, clients, account executives and Lead System Architects to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. In a typical week, people in my role with several clients will often travel to those various client sites on a weekly […]


8 Remote Working Tips from the Rulesware Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our day-to-day lives in so many ways. And of course for businesses, there’s now a surge in the number of people working from home instead of at the office. For us at Rulesware, with employees spanning four countries, much of our workforce has always been remote. We’ve always done our […]


Courage and Culture Through Coaching

by Angie Castro A few years ago Rulesware moved away from a traditional top-down management structure to a coaching structure, aiming to enable lasting performance improvement among our employees. We’ve set out to cultivate a true coaching culture, where all members of our team courageously engage in candid and respectful coaching conversations with one another, […]

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New Rulesware Giving Program Puts the Focus on Community

Last fall Rulesware announced a new set of core values—and have begun taking steps to ensure that we live those values every single day. The value of Community, for example,  is not just about building the best company community and client communities. It’s about committing to building and supporting important communities outside of Rulesware, too.  […]

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Why Refresh Your Company Values?

Personal and professional values: we’ve all got ‘em. They represent our fundamental beliefs, and guide our decisions, and shape our behaviour. Company values perform a very similar function. A company’s core values represent its fundamental beliefs, and act as guiding principles to help people understand what’s expected of them, in terms of behaviour, how decisions […]


The Top 5 Benefits of Working Remotely for Employees

It’s another busy day for team members in our El Salvador and Mexico offices, and for our 60+ other consultants spread across the United States and Canada. Our team members are engaged in their work, some working from their home offices or co-working space, others on site.  Instead of having to commute, sometimes for hours, […]


Insights and Highlights From PegaWorld 2019

PegaWorld, the annual user conference for Pegasystems, is always a highlight for our company, and this truly may have been one of the best conferences yet! We appreciated the chance to engage with our colleagues and clients, to catch up with old friends, and to learn from some of the sharpest minds out there the […]

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Examples of True Digital Transformation Success

For Rulesware, delivering true digital transformation to our clients means delivering technology solutions that enable our customers to optimize their processes resulting in highly efficient operations. This can take one of four main forms: Solutions that eliminate things you don’t want to do Initiatives that reduce the amount of work you’re doing in an organization […]

What's the secret in the sauce? Rulesware's David Bliss weighs in on why Pega is essential to digital transformation success.

Pega: The Secret Sauce of True Digital Transformation Success

By David Bliss One of our clients asked us recently to provide them with some information highlighting Pega’s unique qualities. They know Pega, and they know broadly what it’s done for them, but in comparison to other vendors claiming to enable digital transformation and automate business processes, they said, they wanted a more clear understanding. […]

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The Spirit of Giving Is Alive and Well at Rulesware

Every year Rulesware loves to gather for our annual (and let’s face it, somewhat legendary) holiday parties … which occasionally spill into the new year. Bringing everyone together always feels special. Rulesware is one big family spread far and wide, and we love to connect, participate in fun team-building events together, celebrate the year’s wins, […]


Rulesware Loves Recent Grads!

We’re feeling lucky indeed to have recently hired five graduates from Tecnológico de Monterrey, a multi-campus university based in Monterrey, Mexico. Four were previously biomedical engineers, and one was a mechatronic engineer—and all are excited to launch new careers at Rulesware. You heard it: we hire not only Software & Computer science engineers, but also people from other backgrounds—as long […]

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Insights from the Field on Pega CRM

The Real Value of Quality Pega Implementations By David Bliss At Rulesware, all of our projects are Pega projects–and many are Pega CRM projects in industries including Finance, Healthcare, and Insurance. In the spirit of helping others in their digital transformation and business transformation efforts, we’d like to share a little of what we’ve learned […]

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Rulesware Mexico Office is Open for Business!

We are delighted to announce that Rulesware Mexico has moved into a larger, permanent office in Guadalajara, giving us more room to grow.  The renovations are complete, and our rapidly growing team at Rulesware Mexico has moved into our beautiful new office. This is Rulesware’s second nearshore office (the first is in El Salvador) located […]


How Organizational Practices Help Employees and Clients

Rulesware first introduced “practices” to our organization two-and-a-half years ago, hoping to give employees a voice in all Rulesware processes and programs. Here’s why we think it’s been successful–both for our teams, and for our valued clients.   Practices make perfect … or pretty darned close. Way back when we were a small company, it […]


An Introduction to Robotic Automation

By Joaquin Escalante Robotic automation is the application of software to automate tasks and processes otherwise performed by humans. Put more simply, robotic automation is software automating software. I first became interested in robotics at an internal company meeting where robotics was discussed as a new technology available within Pega. I became instantly attracted to […]

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Internal Pega Training for Lead System Architects

We’ve always been committed to providing training and career advancement opportunities for our team at Rulesware. So we are particularly excited to announce the launch of a new LSA Immersion program, targeted at providing employees in our Development Practice with the opportunity to expand in their careers, and become Rulesware-level LSAs (Lead System Architects). At […]

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New Pega Healthcare Go-Live Boosts Efficiency by 78%

Earlier this year, one of our favorite healthcare clients went live with the new 834 Medicaid On-Exchange Pega Orchestration application. It’s a solution that takes in ANSI 834 enrollment transactions, processes them, routes the transactions that can’t be automated to a team for triage, then updates all the appropriate systems. It’s sizeable, with more than […]

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Second Pega CLSA Certification for Sigang Hu

When I asked Sigang Hu how he felt after completing his CLSA certification–a big deal when it comes to testing and confirming one’s knowledge of Pega–he laughed, and told me he already had one certification, but was curious to see if getting a second was worthwhile. “I was already certified as a Pega LSA in […]

Pegaworld 2018 Rulesware photos

Pegaworld 2018 Highlights and Lessons Learned

A number of us here at Rulesware have been attending Pegaworld conferences since the start, and we’re delighted to report that the 2018 vintage was superb. Pegaworld is the annual user conference for Pegasystems, this year featuring 12 keynotes, 5,000+ attendees, hundreds of sessions and presentation, and — of course — an annually held chess […]

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What Does Business Transformation Really Mean?

Business Transformation, and its close partner Digital Transformation, are terms we’re suddenly hearing everywhere—and yet as Business Transformation specialists here at Rulesware, we’re still often asked just what it is, and how we define and apply it. This post gathers insights and perspectives from Rulesware’s senior leaders to share our experiences with helping companies achieve […]

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How Curious Employees Support Teams and Clients

One of Rulesware’s commitments is to employee learning and growth. So when we began hearing stories lately about a few of our curious employees embracing the chance to not only learn about different practices, but to actually work in other disciplines, we got excited. Diana Duran, for example, began working at Rulesware a few years […]

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More Amazing Women at Rulesware

Wow. We had incredible response to our first series on Celebrating Women at Rulesware—including a slew of applications from (and a couple of hires of) amazing women interested in working with us—so we really had to do it again. Supporting women in technology, and championing equality in the workplace, are issues dear to our hearts […]

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Building Great Teams in a Distributed Work Environment

A positive work culture is important for any company when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and retaining amazing employees. For companies like Rulesware, with a distributed work environment—that is, with employees located in multiple national and international locations, collaborating on projects together—building a positive and inspiring work culture is critical. The Importance of Values and […]


Celebrating Women at Rulesware

Technology is booming—and career opportunities for talented technology professionals are booming, too. Workplaces that were once dominated by male employees are slowly becoming more diverse, but we know all too well that we have a long way to go to achieve gender and overall equality in the workplace for the betterment of the tech industry. […]


Why Business Transformation Projects Fail And How to Fix Them

The term “business transformation” (BT) may be a buzzword now, but BT is a longstanding practice—and has been the focal point of my 25-year career in technology. BT has evolved from other names like Business Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation. New practices have sprouted up over time to support it, too, including customer experience management, […]

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Rulesware at PegaWorld 2017

PegaWorld is our happy place. See you there again in 2018!   Every year, PegaWorld brings business and IT leaders together to connect and learn more about using Pega technology to facilitate true business transformation. Pegaworld 2017 was no exception; we saw an exceptional lineup of keynotes from global brands who’ve used Pega to deliver better client […]


The Value of Examining and Strengthening Company Values

As individuals we know that our values guide our actions, and inform our decisions. We believe a company’s values should do the same. So at Rulesware, we took stock of our core values recently, re-evaluating what truly sets us apart as a team, and guides our behavior and decision-making. The values below are what guide […]

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How Workplace Coaching Trains Better Leaders and Listeners

Two years ago we launched a coaching program at Rulesware, in order to provide consistent, values-driven management and support to our employees as our business continued to grow.  Our employees work on a range of projects and teams, often in different locations, so we wanted to make sure they had consistent coaching and guidance, from […]

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Doing It Right The First Time – Twice – For a Health Insurance Provider

Rulesware is extremely proud to have recently worked with a not-for-profit health insurance provider on two successful releases that contribute directly to the organization’s business transformation goals. Business Transformation Claims Intake The first release delivered a new Pega pre-processor solution designed to improve the client’s claims intake process. The new solution is now able to […]


Driving the Cycle of Success Through Quality

Marshall Shovein, Rulesware’s VP of Business Development & Delivery, wrote this article for Silicon Review. In it, Shovein outlines what makes Rulesware great (aw, shucks) and shares his insights on making a business great. (We’ll give you a hint. It’s quality.) Click here to read the full article.


5 Best Practices for Successful Pega Implementations

At Rulesware, we specialize in helping companies implement Pega solutions both to address specific business challenges and to ultimately achieve business transformation. You might say that Pega implementations are kind of our thing. For us, project success starts and ends with achieving customer satisfaction above all, while doing things right–the first time. And like any successful project, […]


How BPM Transforms Business

At Rulesware, we’re often asked for clarification on just what we do. As a BPM consultancy, we help organizations to analyze and optimize their business processes using Pega software. People do understand that BPM, or Business Process Management, is all about improving and optimizing business processes but questions remain: what kind of processes? Are there big results? […]


Improve Your Requirements Gathering With DCO and Pega 7

by Molly Eddington Business application requirements gathering can be daunting. Members of a project team often have very different perspectives on what the requirements of a project are. They may not agree on priorities. And it can be challenging to try to ensure that everyone understands what needs to be done. The process can be […]

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10 Design Principles for Pega System Performance

By David McPhail, Principal Architect at Rulesware A client recently asked me the following question: How can we guarantee that 80% of transaction responses will not take longer than five seconds from the time of user request? For the client, this excluded network time and process time at the Client PC (excepting any mutually agreed […]


11 Reasons to Join Rulesware

We recently asked a random group of our employees to share their Top 5 reasons for working at Rulesware. Even after combining repeated responses and paring down the lists, we couldn’t stick with just five! Here, then, are the top 11 reasons our employees – in their own words – enjoy working with Rulesware. 1. Smart […]


From Virtual Work to Teamwork

How to Work Together While Miles (& Kilometres) Apart We just wrapped up another Town Hall forum at Rulesware. That’s a bi-monthly gathering of our 170 team members–people who work on Pega projects in cities ranging from Dallas to Vancouver and San Salvador. It’s a chance for everyone in the company to hear from, and ask […]


Seven Highly Effective Habits of a Certified Pega Business Architect

by Molly Eddington In the business of overseeing successful Business Process Management (BPM) implementations, technical capabilities certainly help. And being well-versed in the Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) capabilities of PRPC, as well as having experience running DCO sessions, will definitely give you, your project team, and ultimately your client, an edge. There are other […]

GreatRated Survey Says: Rulesware Is A Great Place to Work in 2015

In its annual Great Places to Work survey, the independent organization Great Rated! aims to find out what makes companies work, and what makes them great. In its anonymous survey of randomly selected employees, GreatRated! assesses several workplace factors, including company atmosphere, company pride, workplace challenges, rewards offered to employees; communication to and among employees; and quality of […]


Edgardo’s Top 3 PegaWORLD Highlights

Engineer Edgardo Hernandez has been with Rulesware since 2012. Edgardo attended PegaWORLD for the very first time this year, and here he shares with us the top three highlights of the event for him. Edgardo Hernandez: When I set out for PegaWORLD, I really did not know what to expect. Fortunately Emma and Marshall provided […]

Gone Live Lately? We Do it All the Time. GoLives for Q1 2016.

At Rulesware “Go Lives” happen all the time, and are a great way for our clients to see first-hand, our commitment to on-time, on-budget, quality delivery.  Here’s what we’ve been up to recently: Q1 2016 Financial Customer Service I Financial Customer Disputes I Financial Customer Disputes II Financial Customer Disputes III Financial Customer Disputes IV […]

Rulesware at PegaWORLD 2015

Rulesware was thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor at PegaWORLD 2015, a prestigious three-day event for business leaders seeking to use the power of Pega technology to drive their digital enterprises. The annual PegaWORLD summit unites industry leaders and visionaries in the BPM (business process management) space to share ideas, and jointly discuss the best […]

Rulesware El Salvador App Contest Results

The App Development Contest results are in!  Judges were blown away by the creativity and talent showcased by each and every team that entered.  In this interview we chat with Rulesware SBA and contest judge and Aaron Lee about our first contest, and about who won and why. CH: Hi Aaron, you were one of […]

Interview with Developer Eileen Anderson

Eileen Anderson is a developer with Rulesware, based in Los Angeles. She first encountered Rulesware while working as a Business Analyst for another company and was so impressed that she knew she wanted to be part of the team. We chatted with Eileen about what it’s like to be a woman in tech, and what […]

Welcome (world traveller) Molly Eddington

Rulesware is thrilled to welcome Molly Eddington to the team. Molly has had a long and interesting career with Pega and brings deep expertise with Pega applications. We chatted with Molly about her career to date, her recent trip around the world, and what she hopes to achieve in her new position at Rulesware. RW: Welcome Molly! […]

Rulesware is Company Of the Month in CIO Magazine

    Extra extra, read all about us! We are absolutely thrilled–and humbled–to have been selected as Company of the Month by CIO Review Magazine. A distinguished panel made up of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, analysts and the CIO Review editorial board selected top players from the BPM Solutions field and in addition to making us Company […]

A Day in the Life of a Senior System Architect: Israr Khan

At Rulesware, we work directly with clients, helping to perfect implementations of Pega software, usually in order to maximize the efficiency of a company’s business processes. We work with clients in a variety of industries, ranging from health care, to retail, to financial services. This first article in our ‘Day in the Life’ series looks […]


Why Good Has Become Great…And Why That’s Not Good

By Marshall Shovein, Rulesware Vice President At Rulesware, we recently finished an engagement with a client, and they commended us on how great we were—which is always a tremendous honor. The project in question lasted roughly 12 weeks. We supported it with a good team, and with our usual governance structure: that meant working both […]


A Lead Software Developer With a Passion for Helping

This profile of Ivania Rivas is part of our ‘Who Works at Rulesware’ series, profiling some of the exceptional people who’ve chosen to contribute to Rulesware. We’ve put the series together in an effort to introduce a little of our culture–as well as these great people–to our employees and clients, current and future. Where did you grow […]

Start Growing, Rulesware: No-Shave November Has Begun

You’ve seen it happening. People around you are getting hairier. That can only mean that it’s November again: a glorious month of unmitigated hair growth, all to help raise awareness for cancer and men’s health issues. And Rulesware is entering the fuzzy fray. Rulesware El Salvador is participating this year in No Shave November, a […]

Exercise: What’s Your Personal Brand?

WHY KNOWING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED WITH CO-WORKERS, BOSSES AND CLIENTS Have you ever seen a beautiful bag in a store—or maybe it was a pair of shoes, or that 60-inch TV set you’ve been considering– and stopped to look more closely at the price tag? You know the feeling: you nervously […]

Who Works at Rulesware? Karen Mejia.

In this new blog series, we’re celebrating some of the talented, passionate employees who drive Rulesware. This month, we’re profiling Karen Mejia, who works in Quality Assurance. What makes Karen so extraordinary is not only that she works extremely hard and is effective in her work, but that – at the same time – she […]

Women in Technology at PegaWORLD 2014

by Ivania Rivas, Rulesware It’s amazing how PegaWORLD has grown within the past few years. Over 3,000 people attended PegaWorld 2014. Just as impressively, more women attended PegaWORLD this year, showing perhaps that more women than ever are involved and interested in Pega technology. Three great women in particular represented their companies and the success […]

Rulesware at PegaWORLD 2014

Here at Rulesware, we’re all incredibly excited to be attending PegaWORLD 2014 in a couple of days. PegaWORLD is THE conference to attend for the BPM (business process management) industry, and we’re thrilled to be attending this year as a Pegasystems Silver Partner. Rulesware’s booth will be set up in the Technology Pavilion, located in the […]

ISTQB Certification Great for Organizations and Employees

We’re pleased to report that Rafael Castillo has become Rulesware’s first ISTQB-certified QA resource. Our congratulations to you, Rafael! The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is the world’s most successful scheme for certifying software testers, having issued 320,000 certifications in over 100 countries worldwide, with a growth rate of more than 12,000 certifications per quarter. We’re extremely […]

Rulesware Named One of El Salvador’s ‘Most Attractive Companies to Work For’

By Carlos Smith, VP El Salvador Operations, Rulesware Every year, conducts surveys to identify Central America’s and Dominican Republic’s ‘Most Attractive Companies to Work For’ in each country, according to the perception of respondents. Recognition From Employees, Not Companies Themselves And this year, Rulesware El Salvador is very pleased to have made the Top […]

The Importance of a Leadership Team That Listens

“One of the best things about working at Rulesware is that if you have an idea, the leadership team will listen.“ By Ashish Sharma I was employee #19 at Rulesware, when I joined the company in 2010. Back then we could all fit in one room for a holiday party, so I have definitely seen a lot of growth. […]

How BPM Can Improve Your Customer Experience

By Marshall Shovein, Rulesware Vice President I once met a client who had a large customer call center.  The client was interested in using business process management (BPM) to improve their customer experience, and they requested my help in identifying exactly what BPM could do for their operation.  I told them that the best way […]