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Amplifying Automotive Success:
The Rulesware Edge

At Rulesware, we specialize in optimizing automotive processes with cutting-edge delivery and optimized business solutions. We enhance data management for OEMs and dealer networks, significantly reducing recalls and warranty write-offs. With Rulesware, you’re not just optimizing processes; you’re transforming your organization’s revenue potential.

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Much like collections within the banking industry, everyone has recalls, but no one wants to admit it. Staying ahead of recalls before they catch negative press is a crucial part of maintaining a strong brand. We can help.


Warranty has always been a huge factor to sustaining and increasing, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Your dealers know this, which makes effectively managing what your dealer network views as a cash-cow a daunting task. Sophisticated warranty management is crucial.

Aftermarket and Maintenance

Ensuring customers stay within your brand's ecosystem for parts, service, and sales is crucial. By automatically updating customers of key milestones and making it easy and efficient to do business with you, you maintain this valuable line of business

Manufacturing Expertise


Rulesware is no stranger to the automotive recall process. In fact, as a specialist in the area of process optimization and augmentation, Rulesware has used software like Pega to drastically improve data collections, tracking and real-time reporting for the OEM, and dealer network system. Vetting out vendor quality and sustained compliance is a subtle derivative of the recall process and exponential efficiencies can be gained when this is done well.


Rulesware has garnered much success by drastically  reducing warranty write-offs for many of the world’s foremost automotive manufacturers.

After-Market and Maintenance

Automakers need quality revenue streams outside of manufacturing to increase margins and assure financial stability. Simply sign up for a needs assessment with Rulesware. From there, we take all the necessary steps to link predictive maintenance, reduced downtime, reduced customer frustration and friction, and asset management with automation software. This work helps predict the future of your organization’s revenue streams. 

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