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LoanExpediter® unlocks digital
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automating daily lending operations

Low interest rates and high borrower expectations have radically changed the lending landscape. To compete, financial institutions need to transcend the burden of manual, document-intensive processes – and digitize the commercial loan experience.

Fast. Simple. Predictable.
Superior Experience.

Digital Power

Digital Power

Automated data capture streamlines ingestion, indexing, classification, and next best action for faster and accurate execution

Borrower Satisfaction

Borrower Satisfaction

Real time awareness of loan status and next steps enriches the overall customer experience

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Predictable, repeatable processes enable work to be done right the first time

Stronger Compliance

Stronger Compliance

Seamless and accurate data collection reduces risk and redundant audit activities

“LoanExpediter absolutely exceeded our expectations – it has already become recognized as the most impactful technology initiative at our bank in years.”

Chief Administrative Officer–200 branch bank with $12B in assets

Reinvent the Modern
Lending Experience

Next-Generation Innovation

Say goodbye to audit risk, thick binders of paperwork, manual data entry mistakes, and sluggish processes. LoanExpediter optimizes your lending operations to give your team the convenience, power and profitability of the digital age.
Augments and integrates with your current lending systems for easy implementation
Encapture®’s automated data extraction collects and classifies information from any source
Highly-configurable and scalable solution built on a proven platform
24/7 remote access keeps loans moving – on your timetable
Role-based automated routing, tracking and notifications for faster data verification and approvals

LoanExpediter Video Series

Digital transformation in lending streamlines operations. This helps to reduce risk, increase customer satisfaction, and save money. Watch our video series to find out how.

Compliance Challenges for Lenders
Play Video about Compliance Challenges for Lenders
Document Digitization in Lending
Play Video about Document Digitization in Lending
How Loan Expedieter Tackles QC Reviews
Play Video about How Loan Expedieter Tackles QC Reviews
Role Based Guided Processing
Play Video about Role Based Guided Processing

Why Today’s Top Lenders
Trust LoanExpediter

Next-Generation Innovation

Commercial lenders are changing the game with LoanExpediter. Designed by loan managers for loan managers, LoanExpediter automates lending processes simplifying workflows and delivering a best-in-class experience for borrowers.


Increase in Operations Efficiency


Annual Loans Operation
Cost Reduction


Reduced annual courier cost

Smarter Workflows
and Simplified
Borrower Journeys

There’s a better way to lend

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