Financial growth and profitability

In today’s financial landscape, personalization and technology integration are essential. Rulesware combines expertise to offer compelling, customer-focused solutions for modern financial services.


Improved Dispute Resolution

We help reduce your compliance costs by implementing various strategies aimed at streamlining and automating processes, improving efficiency and minimizing the resources required to maintain regulatory compliance. 


Optimized Fraud Detection & Resolution


Straight Through Borrower Journeys


Reduced Compliance Costs


Robust Back Office Automation


Better Business Outcomes


Optimized Delivery

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Gain actionable insights into dispute trends, root causes, and resolution outcomes with our data-driven approach, empowering proactive decision-making and process improvements. Deliver exceptional customer experiences by resolving disputes promptly and effectively, fostering trust and loyalty among your customer base. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards in dispute resolution processes, mitigating legal and reputational risks for your organization. 


Fraud Detection & Resolution

Fraud detection and resolution are crucial for financial service companies because they protect both the institution and its customers from financial losses, legal repercussions, and reputational damage. Effective fraud detection systems help identify and prevent unauthorized transactions, reducing the risk of substantial financial loss. Prompt and accurate resolution of fraud cases ensures customer trust and satisfaction, as customers feel secure knowing their financial institution is proactive in safeguarding their assets. 

At Rulesware, we understand you’re the fraud process to help you integrate the right technologies and data to identify and manage fraudulent activity from detection to resolution. 


Success STORY

Fraud Detection Solution

Commercial bank implements OCR and Pega Rules engine to develop detection application for fraudulent checks.

Straight Through

Borrower Journeys

Our personalized experiences ensure tailored borrowing journeys that cater to individual customer needs and preferences, fostering deeper engagement and satisfaction. Seamlessly streamline borrower interactions across channels, from application to approval and beyond, ensuring a frictionless experience at every touchpoint. Harness the power of data analytics to gain deep insights into borrower behavior and preferences, enabling targeted and effective engagement strategies that drive conversions and loyalty. Our robust solutions and protocols ensure regulatory compliance at every stage of the borrower journey, mitigating risks and enhancing trust. 


Success STORY

Aruba - New Account Onboarding

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Rulesware helps its clients remain compliant and reduce regulatory costs through proper regulatory goal identification, capture of regulatory rules and simplification of applying, monitoring and adjusting them, across multiple jurisdictions.  

Regulatory rules are applied automatically and transactions that fall out of compliance are managed through case management practices.   


Success STORY

Global Contact Center and Disputes Applications

A large payment processing client needed a global contact center and disputes application for handling transactions while navigating financial compliance rules from more than 100 countries.



We have helped organizations like yours automate back office processes through automated fraud detection, new account onboarding and case handling, loan origination, and even Know Your Customer (KYC).   

We collaborate with you to craft tailored processes, refine them for efficiency, and implement automation where feasible. Our goal is to deploy appropriate technologies effectively, ensuring that your solutions are comprehensive and durable, without relying on temporary patches or fixes. 


Success STORY

Robust Back Office Automation

A global financial company wanted to use Pega’s Customer Process Management framework to develop a platform that automated back office business processes for US and Canadian service organizations.



Whether you’re rolling out a fresh account onboarding system, standardizing risk models, restructuring products, refining due diligence processes, or upgrading technologies, chances are, we’ve tackled it before. 

Rulesware specializes in assisting banks and credit unions like yours in attaining superior business results through design innovation, industry expertise, rigorous governance, and, most crucially, goal setting and performance measurement. We not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. 



At Rulesware, we are driven to out-deliverOur delivery and project management services are comparable to no otherWe help you drive project success and operational excellence with our optimized delivery and project management solutions. Our advanced tools and methodologies enable efficient project execution, streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and accelerated delivery timelines, ensuring project success from start to finish. Maximize resource utilization and minimize project overheads with our automated processes and standardized procedures, empowering your team to focus on high-impact initiatives.

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