Insights and Highlights From PegaWorld 2019

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PegaWorld, the annual user conference for Pegasystems, is always a highlight for our company, and this truly may have been one of the best conferences yet!

We appreciated the chance to engage with our colleagues and clients, to catch up with old friends, and to learn from some of the sharpest minds out there the latest uses and insights on applying Pega to tough Digital Transformation problems.

Here are just a few of the insights and takeaways from the Rulesware folks who attended this year.

Jeanne Ross on ‘Which Means’…

“The keynote speakers at PegaWorld 2019 were some of the best yet! One of the highlights was Jeanne Ross’ session, Designed for Digital: How Companies Transform for Sustained Success. Jeanne Ross, who conducts academic research targeting the challenges of senior business and technology leaders at large global companies, spoke about how established companies are transforming for the digital economy. In particular, I loved her use of the term ‘which means…’

When we are working with our clients (and within our organization) we need to add the ‘which means’ into the conversation. This helps the audience to understand the meaning or the implications of what is being talked about. In this case of Digital Transformation as a topic, for example, people often have the question: what does digital transformation really mean? Jeanne encouraged us all to ask that ‘which means…’ question head on, encouraging companies that are going through a digital transformation process to also set a target for sustaining its success and outcomes — rather than just doing a transformation project and calling it a success.”

Pega Catalyst

“I appreciated learning more about the Pega Catalyst pre-sales offering at Pegaworld. They have a great methodology for helping prospective customers to conceptualize and determine the business value of their first Pega application.”

Design Thinking

“Jeanne Ross’ keynote was phenomenal; she spoke about how and why every co mpany should focus on investing in both operational backbone and on a digital platform. I also greatly appreciated Pega evangelizing Design Thinking in its products and engagements.”

The Trefler Keynote

“Alan Trefler is always a highlight at PegaWorld 2019!

His keynote this year–The Heart of Digital Transformation: How Great Technology, the Right Approach, and Empowered People Deliver Results–didn’t disappoint.”

A Great Discussion on AI Use and Ethics

“Pega is tackling the question of morality and corporate social responsibility with rising use of AI. It’s both amazing and terrifying to learn the unlimited potential that AI has — and I love that Pega has taken the initiative to start a discussion about its potential, its ethical considerations.”

Advancement in AI

“I found the advancement in AI to be incredibly interesting, along with learning about what Pega is doing to embrace AI across the platform.”

And that’s a wrap for PegaWorld 2019 — we’ll look forward to seeing you next year at PegaWorld 2020!

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