Examples of True Digital Transformation Success

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For Rulesware, delivering true digital transformation to our clients means delivering technology solutions that enable our customers to optimize their processes resulting in highly efficient operations. This can take one of four main forms:

  • Solutions that eliminate things you don’t want to do
  • Initiatives that reduce the amount of work you’re doing in an organization
  • Projects that enhance existing features, processes, or systems
  • Solutions that help your organization develop the capacity to do things you haven’t been able to do before

The examples shared below show you how Rulesware helped two clients with very different challenges to achieve success in their respective digital transformation initiatives.


A US Workers Compensation provider was using 15 separate software applications to meet client needs, a situation that results in the need for numerous agents to handle those 15 applications, significant training requirements, and significant time needed to field the calls.

We have worked with them to provide a unified desktop to  replace those 15 applications as well as adding new features to support customers and agents.

The results are clear–and transformative:

  • Elimination of time-consuming logins to 15 separate applications
  • A significant reduction in call handle time
  • Fewer steps to complete the work
  • Reduction in training time
  • Enhancement of customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Introduction of a new survey tool enabling greater visibility into customer history and their level of satisfaction


We recently exceeded a client’s expectations with a new Pega-centric application that resulted in an immediate efficiency gain of 62.4% over their legacy system. This true digital transformation created a Transaction Queuing technique that greatly reduces the processing of out of sequence transactions, which typically causes downstream system errors. The new Pega solution reduced the processing time of thousands of transactions to 7-8 minutes, compared to legacy processing times of 20-40 minutes.

Rulesware also created an entirely new Exception Management Framework for this client to process its enrollment transactions, allowing all errors to process in stages. This means visibility into any errors that may occur. For example, there are often transaction fallouts that occur during enrollment processing–which could not be previously processed: the client had to do this manually. Now, the rate of those fallouts has decreased from 11% to 2%. All of the client’s lines of business and applications may now use this Exception management framework.

After going live with our solution, our client asked us to implement the solution in two additional lines of business.

Takeaways and Lessons

We know that digital transformation initiatives enable companies and cultures to transform and grow their business—and we’ve seen it happen in these, and countless other examples.

Just as clear to us, though, is the reality that digital transformation doesn’t have to be done all at once;  achieving true digital transformation can be accomplished a step at a time. The keys are identifying your mission at the start, understanding exactly what you’d like to measure from the start, and setting clear metrics for success that we can watch closely, together.

And yes, we can help! We welcome you to reach out to ask us about other examples of true digital transformation success, and how we can help you.

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