Rulesware’s LaunchPoint™ Goes Live at Aruba Bank: A Milestone in Transforming the Dutch Caribbean Banking Landscape


Over the weekend of September 10th, 2023, LaunchPoint™, an innovative account opening and onboarding solution by Rulesware, went live at Aruba Bank, the largest commercial bank in Aruba. This implementation provides Aruba Bank with an orchestrated and fully automated end-to-end process for new account opening for both retail and commercial customers through onboarding, know your […]

BECU projects to save 10,000 hours of employee time with Pega

BECU, the largest credit union in Washington, embarked on an initiative in 2020 to enhance the employee experience and customer service by implementing Pega’s technology, resulting in improved average handle time (AHT) in their contact center and a projected 10,000 hours of employee time savings.

When The Bad Guys Want Your Money: Protecting Yourself From Payments Fraud

Bad Guys Want Your Money

Payments fraud is a big problem…for everyone.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or who you know–everyone gets hit by payments fraud attempts. And as more and more business is conducted remotely, and consumers and businesses use mobile and digital payments, we are seeing an increase in new and more sophisticated fraud […]

Why Onboarding is More Complex Than You Think


Everyone thinks they know how to define “good onboarding” – a process that delivers a simple and seamless customer experience. But there’s another onboarding dimension where many banks are failing: risk assessment. Every bank and financial institution must comply with federal and state regulations, particularly anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines. But if their risk lifecycle isn’t […]

How to Maximize the ROI of your Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Customers and corporations across the globe are either selling, shopping, or purchasing products and services using a combination of online and in-person tools and resources. No matter the industry, it’s safe to say that almost every organization is working through some form of digital transformation. While it may sound obvious, it is critical to acknowledge […]

Global Contact Center and Disputes Applications

online payment

Global Contact Center and Disputes Applications A large payment processing client needed a global contact center and disputes application for handling transactions while navigating financial compliance rules from more than 100 countries. The Problem The Solution The Result The Problem A large payment processing client needed a global contact center and disputes application for handling […]

Consolidation of Disparate


Consolidation of Disparate A major financial holding company wanted to consolidate their disparate systems into an enterprise system that could provide visibility into any suspicious activities. The Problem The Solution The Result The Problem Rulesware was tasked with consolidating various disparate systems that gathered, managed and reported on information specific to the investigation of suspicious […]

Fraud Detection Solution


Fraud Detection Solution Commercial bank implements OCR and Pega Rules engine to develop detection application for fraudulent checks. The Problem The Solution The Result The Problem Our client, a large commercial bank, was seeking implementation of a sophisticated check imaging solution for the detection of fraudulent checks. The Solution By using Optical Character Recognition together […]

Robust Back Office Automation

financial back office

A global financial company wanted to use Pega’s Customer Process Management framework to develop a platform that automated back office business processes for US and Canadian service organizations.