New Rulesware Giving Program Puts the Focus on Community

Last fall Rulesware announced a new set of core values—and have begun taking steps to ensure that we live those values every single day. The value of Community, for example,  is not just about building the best company community and client communities. It’s about committing to building and supporting important communities outside of Rulesware, too.  […]

Why Refresh Your Company Values?

Personal and professional values: we’ve all got ‘em. They represent our fundamental beliefs, and guide our decisions, and shape our behaviour. Company values perform a very similar function. A company’s core values represent its fundamental beliefs, and act as guiding principles to help people understand what’s expected of them, in terms of behaviour, how decisions […]

Rulesware Mexico Office is Open for Business!

We are delighted to announce that Rulesware Mexico has moved into a larger, permanent office in Guadalajara, giving us more room to grow.  The renovations are complete, and our rapidly growing team at Rulesware Mexico has moved into our beautiful new office. This is Rulesware’s second nearshore office (the first is in El Salvador) located […]

Give and Take: Why and How to Build an Others-First Work Culture

By Logan McCune A few years ago the CEO of the company I was working for asked all the company directors to read “Give and Take.” The book, by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, asserts there are three types of behaviors in terms of how we interact with others: giving, taking and matching.  My CEO hoped […]