Rulesware Mexico Office is Open for Business!

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We are delighted to announce that Rulesware Mexico has moved into a larger, permanent office in Guadalajara, giving us more room to grow. 

The renovations are complete, and our rapidly growing team at Rulesware Mexico has moved into our beautiful new office. This is Rulesware’s second nearshore office (the first is in El Salvador) located in the Central time zone, both featuring a team of full-time, English-speaking, Pega-certified employees who work in partnership with our clients across North and Latin America.

We already have 24 employees at  our Guadalajara office, and now we’re in our larger,  permanent space, we’re accelerating recruiting even more.  We’re hiring for numerous positions, as we work to  finding the right people to add to our already strong team.

Why open Rulesware Mexico?

Rulesware clients have told us time and time again that they love our nearshore model because of its cost efficiencies—to be sure—but also because our small, collaborative, high-powered teams have been consistently able to provide both high quality and fast delivery times.

The same clients also told us that they needed more support in areas like Development Operations (Dev Ops)—so we knew a second nearshore location was our next step. In terms of where, we narrowed down our selection of countries in Latin America to two: Mexico and Colombia.

According to Ji-Yoon In, Rulesware’s Executive Vice-President, this was because of both countries’ “strength in education, government support in foreign investments, access to fully bilingual candidates, cost of operations, and living environment in general.”

She says the choice came down to Guadalajara, in the end, when “we quickly saw that Mexico offered a larger percentage of fully bilingual people, as well as greater ease in travel … We also spoke with a number of universities in Guadalajara and Monterrey—two cities that began to emerge as strong contenders for a location within Mexico—meeting with directors who expressed interest in setting up training programs.”

In addition, Ji-Yoon says, Guadalajara, known as the Silicon Valley of Latin American, “proved to be the home of the skillsets we were looking for. The choice had become clear: Guadalajara would be our new home.”

Coaching, training and strong culture remain priorities.

Carlos Alas, Operations Lead in Rulesware Mexico, says he’s committed to making the new office a welcoming place to work. “Rulesware is known for its culture, and for treating its employees like family,” he says. “We want to continue that tradition here and ensure that every single person who works here feels valued, and has the ability to learn and contribute in ways that are meaningful for them. We have one new engineer who is already working with our marketing team as a photographer, for example, and another who loves to read and so is starting a small library at the office.”

Training and coaching remain critically important at Rulesware Latin America, extending Rulesware’s overall insistence that we hire for fit and culture first—then provide the kinds of training and coaching that will allow employees to flourish as professionals, and to advance in their careers at Rulesware.

Alas notes that another key component of culture building at Rulesware Mexico is encouraging every employee to provide their feedback and suggestions—and to know that they will be heard. “It’s so important for us to receive feedback across multiple departments,” he says.

“We want to involve our team in cultivating a warm, productive work environment, in order to continue delivering the high quality work that identifies Rulesware.”

And of course there’s Pega experience and expertise.

And, of course, Rulesware Latin America is committed to Pega. We love Pega. And in Mexico, like El Salvador, we are committed to working closely with clients on Pega projects that improve their business processes.

According to VP of LATAM Operations Carlos Aponte, enabling on-site consulting for our clients in Latin America will enable better in-person service for all organizations in LATAM who are looking for strong, experienced Pega teams.

“Agile, real-time delivery happens best when teams work together in the same time zone,” notes Carlos Aponte, VP LATAM Operations. “With Rulesware’s nearshore teams in LATAM now, we can communicate in real-time, and work quickly to deliver quality results. It’s an exciting time.”

All of our nearshore consultants are thoroughly trained and experienced in Pega, as well as fully bilingual in Spanish and English.  

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