Celebrating the Women of Rulesware

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This month, in honor of International Women’s Day, we posted a series of images to our social channels celebrating the incredible women on our team.

In what has typically been a male dominated technology industry, we are filled with pride to see amazing women taking seats at the table at Rulesware and other tech companies.

“I would like to thank all the women who are part of the Rulesware team.  Their contributions to our success is immeasurable.  As a company we believe in building a team that represents ALL of humanity.  And I firmly believe that having an above industry average number of women in our company makes us more competitive and creates a strong unified culture,” says Anthony Lee, Rulesware CEO.

Without further ado, on to the women who make Rulesware such a great place to be.


Jennifer’s co-worker Heather says:

“Jennifer inspires me every day. Like many of us, she wears a lot of hats personally and professionally. She is a mother to two beautiful little girls, a devoted wife and daughter. Jennifer gives 110% to everything she does, and puts so much pride and passion into her work.

Her biggest passion is truly training, and supporting our people with their training goals/ needs and she is always willing to drop anything to help someone out, while maintaining her cheery demeanor and a big smile on her face. “


Of Sandra, her co-worker Alexa says:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra for the last two and half years and I admire her more every single day. Sandra is one of the strongest and hardest working people I have ever met. She is dedicated to everything she does – constantly going above and beyond for others. Her daughter, Emma is lucky to have her as a mother, Rulesware is lucky to have her as an employee and I am lucky to have her as a friend.”


Emma’s colleague Dalia says:

“I always recognized Emma as a force to be reckoned with. She has been one of the greatest leadership and empowerment inspirations, and at the same time, an example of empathy. She’s always approachable, with a fantastic mind full of ideas.

She’s always sharing her never-ending smiles and empowering words with everyone. There are many things I learned from her, but the one that stayed with me the most was to listen and follow your heart, your dreams, and your calling, no matter what anyone else thinks, or how scary it might be; it’s your thoughts and your energy that should always drive you, and believing in your own power will always make you thrive.”


Of Xochilth (affectionately called Xo), co-worker Angie says:

“When I first joined Rulesware Xo took me under her wing and helped me adapt to my new role and the company. Soon, she became a good friend. Her willingness and drive to help others is something I look up to and appreciate. I’m excited to keep learning from this amazing friend as we work together.”


Colleague Molly says of Johanna:

“Johanna amazes me as she juggles a lot personally, with being a wife, mother and daughter and currently, due to COVID we can add being a teacher, and also living through a home renovation.

In addition, she takes her project work and PL responsibilities very seriously but with a calmness and often with a sense of humor. I also appreciate that Johanna is always suggesting well thought out ideas or options that bring challenge to both the practice and its members, and that she has the confidence that the challenge can be met.”


Isabel’s colleague Cindy says:

“Isabel is one of a kind. She’s patient, funny, focused and determined. She has the ability to do anything she sets her mind do, and she does it well, all the while being kind to others. I feel lucky to get to work with her. You go Isa!”

That’s a wrap on our appreciation post, but we want to send heartfelt thanks to EVERY woman who works at Rulesware. Without you, we surely would not be where we are today. 

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