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We do one thing really really well. Pega.

We’re Pega specialists. In fact, Pega is the only platform we work with for business transformation projects because we trust it to ensure the delivery of clear results for our clients. We firmly believe that our focus, dedication and deep experience has been the key enabler of Rulesware’s track record of successful and rapid Pega project delivery, always driving desired outcomes for our valued clients.

PEGA Consulting

Rulesware consultants focus exclusively on Pega to help our clients accomplish the business transformation results they seek. Pega offers industry-leading case management, BPM, CRM, robotics automation, and decisioning capabilities that are specifically designed to help organizations achieve the clear results.

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Near-Shore Delivery

Rulesware offers Near-Shore offices in El Salvador and Guadalajara, Mexico. Both are located in the Central time zone, roughly a three-hour flight from Houston, Texas. Our El Salvador office, located in San Salvador, is home to over 120 certified, English-speaking, Pega architects. And we are actively hiring to grow our newest office, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Having these near-shore delivery teams has been transformational for Rulesware, and for our clients. Unlike all of Pega’s other partners, we do not outsource work to India or China. Instead we have full-time employees at both our Mexico and El Salvador offices, working hand-in-hand with our clients.

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Agile Development

The application of scrum methodologies to Pega development is a fairly new practice in the industry, so Rulesware’s specialization in this area provides great value to our clients. Our proficiency with agile and scrum methodologies means that we can commit to quick, well-planned 90-day engagements, enabling us to do away with the common industry practice of placing expensive full-time resources on-site indefinitely. Rulesware always focuses on helping clients to take control of their Pega technology in-house.

Robotics Implementation

We offer Robotics Implementations, enabling you to automate the right tasks. All implementations include:

  • Robotics sizing methodology
  • Process-oriented robotics solutioning
  • A 12-week automation kickstart program
  • Co-delivery automation enablement


Pega DevOps

Rulesware has more than five years of experience with Pega DevOps, including:

  • Continuous integration
  • Orchestration
  • Deployment
Pega Report Bundles

Now you can measure what matters most to your organization, with fixed price Pega Report bundles.

They're the right solution to:

  • Ensure that you have the right reports
  • Minimize the number of irrelevant reports
  • Enable you to build your own reports

Senior leaders in loan operations know all too well that processing loans and mortgages can require more time and paperwork than seems humanly possible to manage—especially given the “new normal” of COVID-19 and record low interest rates.

LoanExpediter™ from Rulesware not only lets you keep up with increasing loan volumes, but cuts turnaround time and your overall cost for processing loans.

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Customer Decision Hub

You can foster customer loyalty and increase customer value to the enterprise—all through one-to-one customer engagement that's made possible with Customer Decision Hub.

When we work with our clients to implement any Customer Decision Hub project, we implement a solution—but the solution need not necessarily be a static one. We include controls that allow any business user to update the decision logic components. This, in essence, presents a formalized way for business users to be able to modify the software with minimal—if any—IT involvement, translating to better software for that end user.

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Rulesware Health Check

Rulesware Health Check is a line of professional services that help you to assess and understand your organization’s operational readiness for future Pega implementations.

We partner with you to look closely at your technical architecture, business architecture and/or offer a comprehensive operational analysis that breaks down your most significant opportunities and challenges.

Our experts will analyze your implemented Pega solutions/applications and help uncover the readiness, performance, and challenges in key areas including:

  • Agility
  • Maintainability
  • Extensibility
  • Re-usability
  • Traceability

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Check out our FAQs

When people are thinking about coming to work at Rulesware, they usually have lots of questions about who we are, what we do, and what it’s like to work here. Here are a few of the most common questions we’ve received from future and new employees. We hope they’ll help.

At Rulesware we focus exclusively on Pega, a rules-driven system from Pegasystems that we believe is best in breed. Our emphasis on implementing nimble, common-sense solutions helps us to effectively apply the specialized knowledge of our experienced team.

As a business transformation consultancy, Rulesware has an unrivalled success rate for delivering effective Pega solutions, and we are proud of this success. Our business transformation experience spans:

Financial Services

Pega offers a suite of tools that enable companies to optimize how work gets done. At Rulesware, we use Pega’s industry-leading Case Management, BPM, CRM, Robotics Automation and decisioning capabilities to help organizations:

  • Increase business agility
  • Create true process transparency
  • Manage & control their business processes
  • Improve customer service
  • Implement operational efficiency
  • Drive high quality outcomes.

Rulesware has always specialized in one thing: the on-time, on-budget implementation of world-class Pega solutions that enable peak operational performance. 

Business Process Management (BPM) has been a particular area of specialty within Pega. BPM is a growing discipline, that aims to improve the processes inside an organization and processes exposed to external customers. BPM aims to increase efficiency and reduce costs, so that customers and stakeholders have a great experience (i.e. your health insurance claim is processed quickly and easily, or your car dealership service center can see that a repair is covered under warranty, while you’re at the service desk). BPM involves both software and service, and aims to improve sometimes extremely complex processes that touch multiple applications, dynamic rules, changing data and human interaction too. That’s why we love it.

Ultimately, we help companies solve complicated problems, and this creates vastly more efficient and seamless experiences for their customers.

Absolutely. We often hire for the following positions–and we’ve tried below to explain what each of those jobs entails.

Systems Architect: A Systems Architect most commonly helps to gather project requirements. The SA works with the client to thoroughly understand what’s needed in a given project, and to suggest options for implementing the solution using PEGA best practices.

Business Architect: People in this role work with client resources to identify and gather requirements for the system being implemented. Once the requirements have been gathered, a BA works with System Architects to design, implement and test the new system.

Delivery Manager: A Delivery Manager engages the client stakeholders (often from business and IT) along with Rulesware staff to establish, execute and monitor a Pega implementation. Delivery Managers lead the planning, development and execution of the project, as well as oversee the eventual adoption of the project by the client. This role demands optimal communications skills to ensure aligned expectations and value delivery.

These quotes are direct from our employees. Honest.

“Rulesware is a great company to work for because it follows a flat organization structure where in it follows open door policy. It also provides with the platform to update your pega skills and knowledge.”

“Rulesware is an organization that cares about developing its employees, by providing multiple opportunities for Pega training as well other knowledge share and continuing education opportunities.”

“For me, Rulesware is a great company to work for because I have been able to operate in a way that our clients usually only dream of and I can do it without the usual company obstructions or competing goals.

“Rulesware provides a unique environment for its employees to be able to contribute to the overall success of the company. We are encouraged to ask questions, provide insight and share our knowledge and material on implementing successful BPM solutions to the larger Rulesware family so we can all be successful.”

Simply put, BAs engage with business subject matter experts with a focus on business objectives and requirements gathering: the ‘what’ of the project. SA’s, on the other hand, focus on the ‘how’.

Business Architects (BAs) are advocates for the business users of the to-be implemented solution, by working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and key stakeholders to understand the business needs, define objectives and requirements and ultimately defining the specifications for the application. BAs then communicate these specifications throughout the implementation, to the System Architects (SAs) to ensure that the application being built properly addresses the business needs.

System Architects (SAs) are responsible for building out the end-to-end application, while also ensuring that it addresses the business needs of the client. They also are responsible for ensuring the design adheres to Pega’s guardrails and best practices so that the solution is set up for “Build for Change”; the ability to quickly adapt your solution to changing business needs.

Pretty darned good. Rulesware is a quickly, but strategically, growing company that’s supported by a large nearshore office in El Salvador, and a strong employee coaching program too. We have a very pronounced focus on professional development, so that as we grow and expand, we have a strong pool of candidates that can grow and advance from within. Working consistently with your career coach will help you gain knowledge and skills to achieve the next level in your career with Rulesware and make you successful in your new role.

Rulesware offers vacation, Paid Time Off (or PTO), a 401K plan, annual bonuses, monthly phone allowances, medical, dental and vision insurance, and phantom shares given out after one year. We also offer a high performance award bonus paid out twice a year; paid expenses when traveling to client sites, and paid certifications and training.

For these roles, travel to client sites usually takes place from Monday morning, returning home on Thursday evenings, working remotely on Fridays. This of course varies according to client and project, and there is flexibility offered according to personal needs and/or national holidays.

From a work perspective, our consultants unanimously agree that it’s more beneficial to be on-site with the client because it allows for better collaboration with the business users and eliminates any chance of miscommunication by being able to talk and interact face to face. Remote work “gives back” consulting travel time allowing consultants to focus on detailed work from a home base that is outfitted for distributed team collaboration and productivity, helping greatly to enable our consultants to maintain a good work-life balance.

As one of our consultants recently put it: “The leadership is focused on good quality of life for all employees. So even though this job is 80-100% travel, great emphasis is placed on maintaining a Monday-to-Thursday 40-hour work week, regular remote work when possible, and full use of paid time off. Pay is good, career mobility, flexible leadership, and excellent coworkers. All of the hype about Rulesware being a great place to work is true!”

We have two near-shore offices: in El Salvador and Mexico, respectively. We love both countries, and both offices are in the Central Time zone, which is a great advantage for many of our North American clients. Team members in our near-shore offices can take short, direct flights from either location to many different US cities, which makes it easy for them to come and work on-site with our clients, just as our US consultants do. Having everyone in the same time zone also makes it easy for everyone to hop on a call, message back & forth, and problem-solve in real-time. Both El Salvador and Mexico offer excellent education and technical training, and we’ve been fortunate to hire wonderful, dedicated, skilled engineers as a result.

The main difference between nearshore and offshore is the availability of the team during U.S. working hours. Nearshore teams are available during the U.S. business hours and the offshore teams are more often available only when it’s night for U.S. workers. Nearshore work offers U.S. companies overlapping working hours, which encourages collaboration, seamless teaming and high cross-team productivity.

Featured Success Stories

At Rulesware, our client’s success truly is the standard against which we measure our own. We’re proud to share their success stories below.

  • 7

    Automation of Complex Business Process Earns the Confidence of Donors

    This client’s new Pega solution now fully supports the application process to determine eligibility and financial aid, and automates the claim submission and payment process through the call center, fax and web portals.

  • 5

    End-to-End Group Quoting Process Reduces Manual Data Entry

    Rulesware created a single end-to-end process, reducing manual data entry and introducing SLAs and increased visibility to applications throughout the process.

  • 14

    Improving Claims Analysis and Reporting in the Automobile Industry

    Our client was manually completing much of their claims analysis and reporting, preventing them from being able to collaborate with dealers at the time of service, or to fully assess the nature of a claim before the service was complete. They needed a way to allow intervention in the Service Repair process in near real time during the course of a customer visit for repair. Their goal was to examine and evaluate repairs, looking for conditions that require the advice and/or oversight of their corporate resources to improve customer satisfaction and dealer collaboration.

The first thing I noticed about Rulesware was a pride that people take in their work. That’s true for employees and management. And I think it comes from a sense that we all just want to do good work we feel proud of.