Lead the market with Rulesware Risk

Calculate, manage, and maintain quantitative customer risk scores and associated risk profiles.

Automate your risk lifecycle for seamless, smarter onboarding.

Rulesware Risk (RWR) is a next-generation solution that automates all of your risk processes – offering smarter risk management for you and a smoother onboarding experience for retail, commercial, and personal clients.

Real-time decisions

Configurable risk engine rates onboarding customers and delivers immediate, accurate decisions.

One 360° view of customer risk profile

CRM provides a unified view of all customer risk data, risk history, and related compliance information enabling ongoing evaluations.

KYC and risk lifecycle compliance

Smoothly manage all applicable AML and KYC operations and regulations, including customized flows, approvals, and internal processes.

Higher Productivity

Automation reduces manual work and legacy systems, freeing up staff to focus on higher-risk customers and data assessment.

Valuable Insights. Smarter Decisions.

Every financial services organization needs to assess customer risk quickly and accurately – but changing regulations, high data volumes, and lack of visibility can make it tough. Rulesware Risk’s dashboards and reports deliver the insights you need, while objective and auditable risk models help you quickly adapt to changing regulations. With the power to configure your own proprietary risk engine, you can make accurate, quantitative, risk-based decisions in real time.


Next-Generation Technology for a New Generation of Financial Services Customers

Easier Risk Assessment

Rulesware Risk’s proprietary scoring model uses a range of internal and external risk factors, including complex network-based risk. A unified and consistent view shows risk history and relationships (e.g., Related Parties, UBO, etc.) for all customers – with teams able to run all associated risk assessment processes from one location.

Manage High Volumes of Documents and Data

Robust document management handles customer deduplication and unstructured data feeds.

Flexible Options

Periodic reviews can be configured by risk level and automatically scheduled to maintain compliance and proactively monitor account behavior. Event triggers allow institutions to constantly and efficiently re-assess risk as customer circumstances change, without the need to wait for a periodic review.

Smoother Compliance

Inherent ability to validate all data changes and automated audit trails for both risk assessment processes as well as business rule updates enable full transparency to all customers and their evolving risk profiles.

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Risk + LaunchPoint = Ultimate Onboarding Experience

Rulesware Risk integrates with LaunchPoint, Rulesware’s onboarding application, to create an exceptional and compliant New Account Onboarding (NAO) experience. Customers enjoy one-and-done enrollment in under 20 minutes, with personalized cross-sale capabilities. Your financial services organization can capture customer loyalty, boost full-account enrollment, and compete at the top of today’s omnichannel marketplace.

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