Remaining Current: A Multilayered Effort

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Around here, we take education and expertise seriously, and when it comes to our Pega skills, we’re all in. As a dedicated Pega Partner, it’s our responsibility to make sure we meet the requirements of the Pega Partner Program, and this is something we’re always working at.

The practices at Rulesware continue to make steady progress in ensuring that each member within the practice has at least one Pega Certification. We have also made significant progress in increasing our numbers with the Pega Express Delivery Mission and are always focused on our skills currency.

But, how do we keep our Pega skills current, practically speaking? There are two important pillars:

    • Internal Training Programs
    • Pega Academy & Pega Community


Internal Training Programs:

We know it takes time and focus to learn. That’s why we give our team members Training Time Off (TTO): an allocated number of hours per year to focus on studying without worrying about day-to-day project activities. We also help with the cost of training that meets certain criteria.

Team members who are not on a project are assigned to the deck: a collaborative space where they can focus on studying, getting certifications, preparing for future projects and doing knowledge exchange with their peers.

Last but not least, Rulesware’s Talent Management team is always looking for ways to best serve the training needs of our team and develop top notch talent. They’ve created a series of training courses developed and led by our own SMEs and made available to all Rulesware employees. These courses help students fine tune abilities like analytical thinking, business analysis, and soft skills.


Pega Academy and Community

Being an authorized Pega Partner means we get access to exclusive benefits, resources, connections and more. We leverage this position to give our team members access to the best training tools on Pega, like the Pega Academy.

The Pega Academy is the best way to learn Pega and the easiest way to stay current thanks to their unique approach. It includes a growing list of missions that assist our team members in having the latest knowledge in Pega and in achieving industry recognized Pega certifications.

Furthermore, being a part of the Pega Community means we get to connect with like-minded business partners as we deliver exponential value to our clients and customers. Our team members have access to the Pega Collaboration Center, where they can ask questions, share, and solve problems collaboratively. We also have access to “Ask the Expert” sessions, blogs, and events such as Pega’s annual flagship conference, “PegaWorld”, where the Pega Community gets together to learn about Pega’s latest innovations, capabilities, and client and partner success stories.


An On-Going Effort

Over the past 16 years, we’ve developed systems to make sure our team members have access to the best tools and opportunities. We want them to have as much support as possible as they prepare themselves for greatness and innovative projects.

But this is not the end of it. As we continue to grow we are always looking for even more beneficial and effective ways for our team members to keep doing it right the first time, after all… learning and growing is a lifelong pursuit!

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