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As the #1 Pega service organization, Rulesware unlocks the power of Pega’s industry-leading platform and application capabilities for every business. Our proprietary model to hire, nurture, and retain top Pega experts means your solutions are built by one of the best Pega teams in the world – on time, on budget.

Warranty Claims

Automating complex processes lowers your costs, while leveraging claims data can identify product issues. Seamless connections between dealer, manufacturer and customer can enrich their experience and ensure smooth outcomes.

Customer Service

Superior customer service means having the confidence that consumers will encounter the same process on every channel. A guided process steps the agents through personal interactions with customers so they can focus on the individual rather than trying to remember the process. Customers using self-service options receive the same guided process. The power of AI increases customer loyalty through optimal responses and tailored communications

Warranty Fraud

Closing the gaps in manufacturer’s warranty process can prevent dealers from unintentionally or intentionally posting work for warranty and immediately identify issues for a rapid response.

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Through unsurpassed Pega expertise, we transform modern business across all industries.

By harnessing digital enablement to your IT roadmap, we simplify your processes, increase your agility, and create appealing customer journeys – all of which translates into higher revenue.

Our best-in-class business solutions go beyond automation to springboard you into a more successful and profitable future.

Our clients typically report:

Greater business agility and adaptability

Process transparency, control, and refinement

Responsive, consistent, and insightful customer service

Longer customer relationships and stronger loyalty

Dramatic drop in project delays and costs

Higher operational efficiency and faster time to market

Desired business outcomes and higher revenue


A Reputation for Dedication

Clients often tell us that Rulesware isn’t like other solution providers they’ve worked with. That’s because we treat every client as our partner – and every engagement as an opportunity for collaboration, discovery, and growth. We focus on the well-being of our team and yours, with key steps designed to manifest your desired outcomes. Our expertise and methodology are dedicated solely to your vision – ensuring a successful project that transforms your business.

“Rulesware’s delivery quality is a testament to the dynamic and dedicated team we have the pleasure to work with every day.”

Business Sponsor, Top 5 US Health Plan

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