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Rulesware helps leading organizations achieve business transformation. We do it by developing and implementing strategic Pega applications that optimize business systems & processes. And we do it right the first time.

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Our Client Success Stories

We’re fiercely proud of our extensive--and exceptional--track record of delivering results-producing Pega projects on time and on budget. We’re prouder still of the truly transformative results we’ve helped our clients achieve. These are just a few of their business transformation success stories.

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    Fraud Detection Solution Delivers Business Rules Users Can Maintain

    Rulesware was tasked with implementing a sophisticated check imaging solution for the detection of fraudulent checks. By utilizing Optical Character Recognition together with a Business Rules Engine built with Pega, potential fraud items are now identified and delivered to investigators for follow up.

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    Guided Process Policy Administration System Eliminates Manual Efforts

    Rulesware resources were responsible for providing technical thought leadership during construction and subsequent phases of this project, aiding in design strategies and building Pega knowledge within the client team.

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    Improving Claims Analysis and Reporting in the Automobile Industry

    Our client was manually completing much of their claims analysis and reporting, preventing them from being able to collaborate with dealers at the time of service, or to fully assess the nature of a claim before the service was complete. They needed a way to allow intervention in the Service Repair process in near real time during the course of a customer visit for repair. Their goal was to examine and evaluate repairs, looking for conditions that require the advice and/or oversight of their corporate resources to improve customer satisfaction and dealer collaboration.

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    Efficient Application for Proposal and Policy Management

    A web based, Pega application was built to manage proposals and policies for multiple lines of business. Our client’s web-based application replaced the functionality of multiple legacy systems (both mainframe and J2EE) and manual processes used for Quoting, Underwriting, Workflow, Issuing and Binding of Insurance Policies with a single comprehensive solution.

Work-life balance

We believe in doing the best work we can for our clients, and also in taking care of health, family and friends. Call it mindfulness, or maybe just common sense.

Executive Access

Everyone at Rulesware has an equal place at the table, and all voices are heard. We encourage and make available one-on-one time with all other team members.


We work hard and play hard. We throw two (fantastic) holiday parties every year for our team members and their families, and have summer parties and more.

Work Freedom

Many of our employees enjoy the freedom to work from home or work remotely. We hire the best people, then trust and empower them to do an amazing job, from wherever they are.

Pega Consulting

We’re fiercely proud of our extensive--and exceptional--track record of delivering results-producing Pega projects on time and on budget. We’re prouder still of the truly transformative results we’ve helped our clients achieve.

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 Near Shore Advantage

Our El Salvador and Mexico offices are located in the Central time zone, and are home to more than 130 of our certified, English-speaking, Pega architects. Our clients benefit from our extremely competitive rates and from a decidedly superior experience.

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Our Culture

Our people represent our true secret weapon. Our values include courage, curiosity and collaboration, and we invest them into all we do, whether delivering impeccable service to our clients or contributing to community programs. 

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"We are extremely satisfied with the delivery provided by Rulesware.  We have driven increased value within our applications, and this is in large part due to the quality of service and commitment to execution shown by the Rulesware team."

Financial Services Client

“I strongly believe that the partnership that Rulesware and Pega demonstrated on this program is the benchmark for how partnerships should work.  From the Rulesware team that was on-site, to the El Salvador development and test teams, you all delivered at the highest levels and we are all proud of the work.“    


“Our milestones could not have been achieved without Rulesware’s significant contributions.”  

Health Insurance Client