Press Release


Rulesware announces market repositioning and branding.

By focusing on becoming the leading Pega services provider,  Rulesware is announcing a new purpose and brand that promises to help their clients be their future today and simplify the complex worlds they operate in.

Warrenville, IL – June 3RD, 2024 – Rulesware announced that they are re-inventing their brand that showcases a focused purpose that promotes Rulesware’s ability to out-deliver it’s competition. 

“We have always been a leading Pega consulting and digital transformation firm, but over the past few years and until recently, clients have prioritized cost reduction over value and total cost of ownership.” says Erik Mitchell, an executive leader at Rulesware. With AI now disrupting software engineering and automation platforms, poorly constructed and incorrectly designed systems are impeding AI adoption and the value clients can derive. The industry is plagued by unqualified resources, improper use of the Pega platform, increased TCO, and poorly designed solutions.

The industry has been pressured to refocus on driving customer outcomes and building and designing solutions that enable continuous disruption. “Our promise is to lead this industry refocus and leverage our 20 years of Pega assets, Pega certified and trained resources, and industry expertise to deliver quality solutions with integrity. We need to return to being the copilots seated next to our clients providing thought leadership, rather than sitting in the back seat as a back-seat driver. We value that our clients understand their businesses, and our clients value that we understand how to effectively enable them.”

Rulesware also announced that in order to support their renewed focus – they have re-designed their web site and developed a web experience promising to highlight their design expertise, and reflect their promise to drive our customers to outcomes.  “We want any visitor to our website to be able to quickly identify the area(s) they are interested in and the site should drive them to the outcomes they care about.  Our competitors web sites don’t do that.  We would urge anyone who uses Pega or is thinking of using Pega to go to to begin their journey to better outcomes.  They will be glad they started there.”


About Rulesware

Rulesware is a global leader in intelligent automation solutions powered by the Pega Platform. They help enterprises drive digital transformation by optimizing processes, enhancing customer engagement, and streamlining operations using AI Powered low-code automation.

With deep implementation expertise across Pega’s suite of products, Rulesware delivers end-to-end strategy, implementation, and managed services. Their certified architects, developers, and consultants leverage agile methodologies to rapidly build and deploy future-proof business applications.

Rulesware’s reusable accelerator components, pre-built industry solutions and Centers of Excellence enable organizations to innovate faster while maximizing their Pega investments. They partner with clients across industries like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, communications, and government.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Warrenville, IL, Rulesware has regional virtual offices in Mexico and El Salvador. Learn more at