Give Customers a Personal Touch


Most new customers of financial institutions prefer a personal touch approach – but they don’t love the long, cumbersome onboarding process. Delays can drive them away when they realize they may wait days before transacting on their new account.

Customers are looking for help with new account opening…

  1. Guide me to the products that best satisfy my needs – and don’t make me do all the research
  2. Make it simple for me to open an account and then use my account immediately

Financial Institutions
are hoping to…

  1. Offer the best-fit products tailored to the customer’s needs
  2. Cross-sale with the right product at the right time within the onboarding experience
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LaunchPoint, the new next-generation onboarding solution, offers the most advanced onboarding capabilities in the industry – enabling customers to go from application to funded account in one experience, as well as enabling Financial Institutions to tailor the offerings based on the customer’s specific situation.

One and Done Onboarding Process

Instead of making new customers wait a day or longer, LaunchPoint gives them the speed and freedom to use their account in just minutes.

Stronger Customer Loyalty and Retention

Customers can enroll into your products anywhere, anytime – online, in branch, or mobile – while LaunchPoint’s intelligent rules engine identifies the best-fit product based on their needs, eliminating guesswork.

A Richer Onboarding Funnel

Because customers are less likely to abandon their onboarding experience, your organization can increase full-account enrollment and funding by 25% or more.

Simplicity, Agility and Efficiency

LaunchPoint’s dynamic workflow and rules engine makes it easy to reduce the complexity of multiple new account platforms to 1 universal system for commercial, personal, retail, and online accounts.

Discover the LaunchPoint difference.