Rulesware’s Pega Expertise Takes Palomar Growth to the Next Level

Pega Case Study for Palomar

Rulesware’s Pega Expertise Takes Palomar Growth to the Next Level Palomar, a specialty insurance provider, had plans for multiple new technology enhancements. Their in-house team was working hard to meet these goals, along with an offshore vendor. The problem? The vendor wasn’t deeply experienced with Pega, was on the other side of the globe, and […]

Pega: Evolution of the Enterprise Class Structure A perspective of the last decade

The Evolution of the Enterprise Class Structure By David McPhail, Sept 2018 The Enterprise Class Structure (ECS) is the core foundation on which Pega applications are built.  It is one of the most critical components to define as a part of a new Pega implementation, and can have a significant effect on the future state of […]

Lending Automation Thought Leadership

August 2021 Use These 4 Success Factors When Planning for Your Lending Transformation Transforming your lending business sounds like an aspirational goal. Who doesn’t want to enable faster credit decisions, a radically improved customer experience, significant cost reductions, and enhanced auditability? Let’s get started! Not so fast. The reality is, transforming your lending business is exceptionally […]

Scrum Basics – The Servant Leader & The Storyteller

By: Marvin T. Rulesware Team Member In the software development world, the Agile methodology, which is a way to manage a project by breaking it up into several phases, is an effective process geared at delivering solutions. It’s great at encouraging flexible responses to change. However, working under the Agile umbrella and using Scrum (a […]

Relieving Pain in the Loan Process: LoanExpediter

Loan Automation Software

JANUARY 27, 2021 Relieving Pain in the Loan Process: LoanExpediter As a digital business transformation consultancy, we’ve worked with countless clients suffering what might be called “the pain of process,“ or the lack thereof. An inconsistent process is not a process at all. It’s inviting chaos into the organization. Add on manual steps to a […]

Addressing the Lending Compliance


August 2021 Addressing the Lending Compliance “Gorilla in the Room” Compliance has always been a headache in modern lending, but increasing regulatory scrutiny is becoming a breaking point issue for some financial services organizations. Every step of the loan operations process can involve navigating disclosures, verifying information accuracy, and backtracking to confirm 100 percent compliance […]

15 Years of Success: An Interview With Rulesware CEO Anthony Lee

Rulesware recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary. We sat down with CEO Anthony Lee to get his thoughts on how a feisty little start-up rose through the ranks to hit this milestone and to become the respected Pega partner it is today. CH: Anthony, thanks for chatting with us today. Wow – 15 years of success…congratulations! […]

Insights and Highlights From PegaWorld 2019

PegaWorld, the annual user conference for Pegasystems, is always a highlight for our company, and this truly may have been one of the best conferences yet! We appreciated the chance to engage with our colleagues and clients, to catch up with old friends, and to learn from some of the sharpest minds out there the […]

Examples of True Digital Transformation Success

For Rulesware, delivering true digital transformation to our clients means delivering technology solutions that enable our customers to optimize their processes resulting in highly efficient operations. This can take one of four main forms: Solutions that eliminate things you don’t want to do Initiatives that reduce the amount of work you’re doing in an organization […]

Ask These 5 Questions To Clarify Your Digital Transformation Initiative

By Vikram Adoni Delivery Managers at Rulesware approach every engagement with the intention of ensuring that what we set out to do is truly helping the client. It’s our role to define the project, and to clarify the intended outcome so that we are delivering the precise solution that’s called for. With this in mind, […]