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Tecoloco Best Companies to Work for

In June of 2018 Rulesware was thrilled to learn that we’d been ranked the #3 Information Technology company to work for in El Salvador, (overtaking even Microsoft and Google). We couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment.

Tecoloco is a large, online recruitment services company in Central America, that was founded in 2001 and is strategically aligned with . Each year Tecoloco conducts a wide survey of employers, looking to discover the most attractive companies to work for in each of the countries where they operate. The anonymous survey includes questions about salaries, benefits, growth opportunities, work environment, leadership, trust, culture and more.

Unlike most “Best Company To Work For” awards, where companies nominate themselves, the Tecoloco EMAT (Empresas Más Atractivas para Trabajar – Most Attractive Companies to Work For) survey relies on the input of employees and applicants who provide feedback through an anonymous survey.