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As a senior leader in your loan operations, you know processing loans and mortgages can require more time and paperwork than seems humanly possible to manage—especially given the “new normal” of COVID-19 and record low interest rates.

LoanExpediter™ from Rulesware not only lets you keep up with increasing loan volumes, but cuts turnaround time and your overall cost for processing loans.


Reduced Costs

LoanExpediter™ lets you automate your lending processes, substantially reducing costs and audit risks.

A Simplified Loan Process

Our best practice workflows from loan application through Quality Control & Audit help to automate and accelerate the loan process, dramatically reducing turnaround times.

Always-Visible Reporting

Real-time reports and dashboards will let your team keep an eye on operating conditions and potential problems before they become critical—enabling you to provide a superior borrower experience.

No More Lost Documents

LoanExpediter™automatically requests required documents based on loan details. Your Lender Portal provides visibility into the loan status and outstanding action items at all times.

Digitized Borrower Service & Communication

Digital onboarding for loans and decreased turnaround times? Automated messages (email, SMS) sent directly to users to alert them about outstanding tasks and status? Your customers—and your staff—will be fully on board.

Automated Data Extraction

A full integration with Imagine Solution’s Encapture® means no more manual data entry from multiple documents. Encapture® extracts data and automatically classifies multiple information types from scanned documents electronic forms, email, social media, web content, and SMS messages. Sweet relief.

Minimized Rework and Delays

You know it: for every unique loan type, there is a minimum required set of borrower documents needed to move forward. Because LoanExpediter™ enforces compliance early in the process, mistakes and delays are dramatically reduced and compliance is improved.

Manage your loan documents—without having to manage all that processing.


LoanExpediter™ is a customized solution for lenders built on the Pega platform, designed to automate your lending processes and manage all paper and electronic documents, no matter their origin. It offers automated routing, tracking and notifications for faster data verification, loan review, and approvals, and its electronic checklists guide users and facilitate audit and compliance.

Fully integrated within LoanExpediter™is Imagine Solution’s Encapture® product, which extracts data from, and automatically classifies, information from multiple sources including: scanned documents, electronic forms, email, social media, web content, and SMS messages.

LoanExpediter™ works with your current loan origination and servicing systems to create a complete “digital lending” experience.

Your Results:

  • LoanExpediter™ streamlines your paper-intensive manual tasks and allows for full control and visibility.

  • You reduce cycle times, improve loan data accuracy, reduce risk of fraud, and improve compliance.

  • Your customers and your team will breathe a sigh of relief.

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