Rulesware Health Check

Assess Your Readiness for Pega Implementations

Rulesware Health Check is a line of professional services that help you to assess and understand your organization’s operational readiness for future Pega implementations.

We partner with you to look closely at your technical architecture, business architecture and/or offer a comprehensive operational analysis that breaks down your most significant opportunities and challenges.


Uncover Your Business and Technical Challenges

Our experts will analyze your implemented Pega solutions/applications and help uncover the readiness, performance, and challenges in key areas including: 


Your ability to quickly adapt to changes in business scenarios, and your ability to quickly configure new or change existing business rules/policies


Your organization's capability to quickly and easily understand, repair or enhance an application to improve usability and performance of the application without introducing new bugs in the application


Your potential for future growth: the possibilities for extending your current system, and the level of effort required to implement future extensions (either through adding new functionality or by modifying existing functionality)



YOUR Potential for reusing existing assets to allow features and enhancements to be easily added without duplicating business logic (this can cause additional maintenance problems in the future)


Your ability to trace back existing code to a business objective and to identify the discrete process flows/steps to ensure the business objective is implemented correctly and completely

Discover the Solution-Readiness of Your Technical Architecture

Our technical assessment will help identify and assess your organization’s solution-readiness for scalability, product upgrades, high availability, and ease of maintaining. We’ll examine your system architecture, environment setup, case design, data model, integrations and application stack—among other details of the solution implemented.

Reduce Effort and Cost—and Maximize Efficiency

The Business Assessment will help to identify and assess solution design specifically to reduce effort, cost and maximize efficiency, while helping your business to check KPI performance and determine if the solution is aligned with the goals of the organization. This assessment looks at the business process/workflow design, user interface, your Pega out-of-the-box feature usage, case continuity, and other details around business process automation.

Identify Improvements Required for Successful Governance

Here, we help you to identify any improvements needed to set up the right levels of governance, standardizing the solution development activities across the board, compliance verification, increased re-usability, code quality and overall improved ROI. This operational assessment focuses on methodology adherence, governance practices, stakeholder involvement, user acceptance and deployment, and release processes.

Create a Roadmap for Success

At the end of the assessment, Rulesware experts provide feedback on exactly how best to adhere to Pega’s best practices. The assessment observations will provide your team with invaluable insights into Pega best practices and how to leverage Pega's power of automation. Rulesware will work with your organization to incorporate the recommendations into a strategic roadmap for your Pega journey that outlines how to apply all recommendations.

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