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Excellent Customer Service and Reduced Risk Begin the Day Your Customer Opens an Account

Today, there is immense pressure on banks to develop streamlined, disciplined, and auditable processes to capture customer information and assess risk as part of account opening, KYC, AML and fraud management, and lending. Complexity and manual processes create operational challenges, drive costs, impact the customer experience, and impede having a clear view of customer risk.

Pega’s Customer Risk and Due Diligence (CRDD) solution simplifies complexity and employs intelligent automation.

Reduce manual tasks

Streamline data collection

Automate due diligence/risk assessment

When driving digital transformation, many banks make two common mistakes:

Embedding business & process logic into siloed front-end channels

  • Customers can’t move between channels
  • Duplicate logic is costly to build and slow to change
  • 80% of implementation time/cost ends up in channel work

Burying business & process logic in complex, product-centric back-end systems

  • Data is hard-wired into processes, binding processes to brittle systems
  • Lack of common, reusable processes across LOBs, regions, customer segments
  • Projects are slow, expensive, and fail to deliver the customer outcomes

Why Choose CRDD instead?

With the right solution, banks can significantly decrease time-to-revenue and improve customer and employee experiences while addressing risk management requirements effectively. With Pega intelligent automation capabilities, banks can:
  • Drive efficient collection of customer information
  • Streamline data and documentation review
  • Improve risk assessment and decisioning
  • Simplify fulfillment across backend systems

Clients who implement CRDD typically report:

Why choose Rulesware as your implementation partner for Pega CRDD?

Rulesware is Pega’s preferred partner for CRDD implementations because we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to help you get the most out of your investment. We hire, nurture and retain top Pega experts, full time. We have one of the best Pega teams in the world and we’re a trusted Pega partner because our projects succeed on time and on budget.

The Proof? Our 16-year track record of success.

How can Rulesware help optimize your onboarding processes?

Success Story

A multi-national financial institution’s results:

  • Centralized onboarding and KYC process across 6 countries
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems
  • 60% reduction in onboarding times
  • MLP live in six months

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With the power of Pega, loan origination, account opening, and approval processes can all be streamlined to provide cost savings, reduced risk, and an improved customer experience. Learn more about how Rulesware can help you evolve the way you do business.

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